About Dr. Tabak
Carolyn J. Tabak, MD, MPH :: Certified Holistic Health Coach

Carolyn J. Tabak, MD, MPH, CHHC

Carolyn Tabak photoGrowing up as an overweight child, adolescent, and young adult, I developed complicated relationships with food and my body.  One of my greatest challenges (and now, I realize, one of my greatest gifts) has been sifting through all of the information I have amassed through my life experience, education, and training, and distilling it down into some simple precepts that now mostly govern how I live my life, and how I feed myself and my family.  Though I learned little about nutrition during medical school and even less during my preventive medicine residency, I believe that virtually nothing else is as important to our health and happiness.

To me, nutrition means far more than what food we put in our bodies.  Nutrition encompasses all of the things that nourish you, including relationships, meaningful work, spirituality, physical activity, creative expression, love of yourself and others, and food.  More than that, nutrition is very individual, so as much as I’d like to, I can’t write you a prescription for exactly how much of each aspect of nutrition will feed you.  I invite you to consider ALL of what nourishes you…are you truly getting everything you need to be your happiest, healthiest self?  I am so happy to have discovered what works for me, at least for today.  It took most of my life to figure this out for myself, and far too many years of education and training and too many initials after my name.  Now, I’d be honored to help you learn what nutrition works best for you in far less time.  Let’s get started!