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Oct 2013

The Healthy Eater’s Motto: Be Prepared

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Girl scouts “Be Prepared” is the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts motto.  I’m adopting it as my healthy eating motto.  Since my daughter (in the bottom row in a skirt) had her first Girl Scouts field trip yesterday, it made me think about what being prepared means to me.

I spent this morning restocking my kitchen with the foods I eat almost daily.  I find that I make the best choices for myself when I know I have something ready to go that’s healthy and nourishing.  Though there is a cafeteria in my office building, I am usually tempted by things I no longer choose to eat, like omelettes for breakfast, or trail mix or pudding for a snack.  Though I like variety, lately I’ve been eating only two things for breakfast.  One is a baked sweet potato topped with cashew or walnut butter, and the other is a “raw” granola, a concoction of a few different kinds of nuts, pumpkin seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, goji berries which I top with a little coconut milk and chopped fruit.   I always keep nuts in my car and office in case of an “emergency.”  Sometimes, nuts seem a little boring for a snack, and I want something a little sweet.  In that case, I have a Triple-Chocolate Flaxie Maxie bar, something I adapted to suit my tastes and food sensitivities.  My daughter loves these too, so I like to keep them on hand.  Now I am excited to begin a new week, prepared with the things that I know will keep me and my family well-nourished and satisfied.

What do you need to be well-nourished and satisfied?  I’m here to help you discover what will work for you, in case you need a little “extra” preparation.


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